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Why do people believe the same tired lies time after time?  Does this come from insecurity? Ignorance?  A preconceived agenda that will automatically take the side of the liar no matter what?  I plan to investigate scientific studies of this phenomenon at some point, but today, I want to address a political candidate whose speeches are fraught with lies.

Events that transpired over the last week prove to me that more people need to start thinking for themselves, rather than believing liars and biased extremists.  Bias means Fox News….It means Rasmussen polls. It means ANY entity…on the left or on the right…that cannot substantiate what it writes, and that puts a spin on things to weigh heavily toward either side.

. is a reliable, non-partisan fact checking entity that posts substantiation for every fact that it checks.  This enables readers to check things out for themselves.  Before you believe anything political on EITHER side, run it through because this is a non-partisan entity that links to substantiation for each word that it prints.  Read NEUTRAL information and THINK FOR YOURSELF.

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I’ve been thinking about what Trump said when he remarked about Mexicans, “They’re rapists…and I assume some are good people…” Well, according to statics found at the Bureau of Justice, 73.9% of all rapes are committed by Caucasians.  22.8 are committed by African American’s, and 3.3 are committed by “other”.  This includes Middle Easterners, Mexicans, Asians….and all others that are not Caucasian or African-American.  So no, Donald Trump.  Mexicans are clearly not at the root of the rape problem in America.

Some of you may be thinking, “Of course the majority of rapists are Caucasians.  The majority of AMERICANS are Caucasians, and that fact  does not indicate that Mexicans do not rape at a higher rate than Caucasians.  However, according to the BJS National Crime Victimization Survey,  Caucasians make up 63% of the US population, and 71% of ALL sexual assaults documented by Caucasians are above the total Caucasian  population.  Latinos comprise only 17% of the US population, and only 9% of rapes in America , which is far below their population percentage.

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Trump’s stance on ISIS is equally as ignorant. He said, regarding this radical Muslim group, “I would bomb the shit out of them.  There would be nothing left, and I’d take their oil.”  In case you didn’t know, “ISIS” stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.  To be more accurate, when Donald Trump said he would “bomb the shit out of them,” he was specifically referring to the oil fields, which seem to be the organization’s primary source of income.  However, if you know anything about Iraq and Syria, then you also know that a huge part of their economy is based on this oil.

According to the PEW Research Center, 91% of the populations of these countries oppose ISIS.  ISIS is a SMALL, radical faction that does not represent the majorities of either of these countries. If Trump “bombed the shit out of them” and took their oil, that would completely ruin the lives of 33.4 million Iraquis (or however many would remain alive after this attack…).  Please keep in mind that 91% of these people are innocent people that do not favor ISIS in any way.   Way to go, Donnie.  Wipe out innocent populations to justify the killing of a small minority.  Only a narcissistic demagogue such as Trump or Hitler would do something of that nature. Would do?  Actually, Hitler DID do…

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With regard to Trump’s immigration policies, Trump plans to deport up to 11 million undocumented illegals in the US, and to build a wall between our country and Mexico. He plans to do this, because according to him, undocumented workers are costing this country up to $200 billion a year and are taking away jobs from legal American citizens.  The problem with this claim is that there is ZERO evidence to corroborate these claims.  None. If you can scrape some up, please feel free to comment below.  However, I feel confident that you won’t, since virtually everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth is lies.

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According to the US Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, “Under current law, all unlawful immigrant households together have an annual aggregate deficit of around $54.5 billion.  But let’s make it fun, and assume Trump was right, and that the numbers actually were $200 billion.  We must first consider that one out of every three farm workers in America is an undocumented illegal immigrant.  According to the USDA, the agriculture industry contributes $835 billion to the USGDP  every year.  So what this means, is that if we remove the 1/3 of illegal immigrant employees from this workforce, we would be losing out on $278 billion per year!  Not only that, but if we fired 1/3 of our entire agriculture industry, our farm culture would literally collapse.

Now, the average (Republican) person who does not understand the ramifications of this, might say, “But we can just fill those positions with American workers…”  Right?  Wrong.   However, both Alabama AND Georgia twice tried to do mass deportations of illegals and it failed miserably.  They couldn’t find enough people to fill all of those job positions, because most Americans don’t want to spend 12 hours a day in the fields picking crops. This lead to both states revoking their decisions, so that the immigrant workers could come back and keep their agriculture industry from collapsing completely.

During this period of time, Georgia lost more than $150 million worth of crops in a very short period of time by engaging in the very small deportation that they did, in comparison with what the uninformed (clueless) Trump is trying to do. …and this does not even begin to address the fact that the resources, warrants, officers and everything that would be necessary to search the entire country to find 11 million undocumented people and literally kick them out of the country is inconceivable. They would have to literally dismantle families and chase people through the streets, and enter their houses, and forcibly put them on planes and send them out of the country.  Do you have any earthly idea how much that would cost Americans??!!

Even if something as preposterous as that COULD work (which it can’t) , according to a well substantiated report by  Wall Street Journal, it would take up to $400 billion OR MORE to do it.  Undocumented illegals are not eligible for Social Security, Medicare, earned income tax credit, food stamps or welfare.  They contribute over $11.6 billion annually, to the US economy in spending.  They pay a higher tax rate than the richest 1% of the country, and our $855 billion agriculture industry is literally based on their labor…as in, it was FOUNDED upon it!

Economically speaking, undocumented immigrants are one of the most productive beneficial aspects of American society. We, as Americans, should be begging for more of them.

And finally, Donald Trump wants to secure the American borders, not only to undocumented  immigrants , but also to “protect us” from potential terrorists.  He has come close to asking for a ban on all Muslims from the US, although he back peddled a little on this one a little after he was jeered and booed and shown that we, as the majority, Americans do not intend to stand for that type of bigotry.

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The gray box above represents all of the gun-related  injuries that happened in America in 2015.  The darker area represents the gun related deaths for the same period.  Now, see that tiny black box in the bottom corner?  THAT represents the mass shootings in 2016 that we would consider “terrorist related.” In other words, 1/2 of 1% of the gun violence in American is related to terrorism.  And get this!  The vast majority of terrorism that was committed in that little black box was committed by white Christian men.  Islamic radicals only account for 2% of total mass shootings in America.  That is 2% of 1/2 of 1%!  Stated differently, this means that Muslim terrorism only accounts for .0001% of the gun violence in America!

The Orlando shooting was literally, statistically , scientifically, a 1 in 10,000 occurrence. Meanwhile, an unarmed black man gets shot by the police every 28 hours….which is almost every. single. day.

Stacy Alexander

MS. Psychology