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Apart from being the same color as notorious game show host, Donald Trump, the spice, turmeric has a plethora of advantages for those who consume it. It only takes about a teaspoon a day to impart amazing benefits.  Of course, this is not a medical blog, so before engaging in turmeric therapy, please check with your physician first to make sure there are no conflicts with health issues or medications before you take it, and since I am not a physician, I advise you to consult your own resources to decide for yourself, whether this is an advisable practice for you.

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Upon the advice of my naturopath, I make a warm drink made of turmeric and almond milk every night before I go to sleep.  If I happen to be out of almond milk, I drink it in water.  It is not a pleasant tasting spice, but I drink it very quickly to get it over with, and its benefits far outweigh the bitter sensation it imparts.

Joint Pain

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Turmeric is, perhaps, best known for its anti-inflammatory qualities. The Trump-colored pigment is called, “curcumin” and is used in many anti-inflammatory medications. It  is a great natural remedy for joint pain and for any other inflammation-related issues.

Brain Food

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Research suggests that regular consumption of turmeric can help prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.  Both of these cognitive disorders occur by plaques or sticky proteins and tangles , or twisted protein fibers in the brain. As people age, plaques accumulate between the nerve cells.  This can prevent clear communication. Tangles can block the important nutrients that the brain needs, from entering the brain cells. Both plaques and tangles impair brain function and memory. Turmeric assists to dissolve these harmful proteins, and promotes cell regeneration.

Heart Health

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Curcumin  helps the body reduce triglycerides and  cholesterol.When cholesterol levels are too high, the arteries harden and narrow, hindering blood circulation and vastly increasing one’s rick of stroke or heart attack.

Triglycerides are blood fats that we get through diet.  The body uses them to produce energy. High triglyceride levels, however,  thicken artery walls, and increase the risk of heart diseases.

The curcumin found in turmeric helps fight cholesterol and triglycerides, protecting against cardiovascular injury by countering the formation of blood cluts by keeping blood platelets from sticking together.  Additionally, the Vitamin B6 in turmeric helps to lower homocysteine. This is the amino acid that is known to be a  byproduct of protein metabolism. High levels of homocysteine can irritate and thicken blood vessel walls.  B6 stops this from happening.

Blood Sugar

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Turmeric helps balance blood sugar levels.

Other Benefits….

Turmeric has many other benefits as well.  It is effective in treating certain types of depression, and has also shown to be effective as a weight loss aid. It also helps keep the wheels of the digestive track moving and on schedule, and can help reduce blood sugar.

Faux Tans

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Gee, I wonder if turmeric is used in fake tanning products?  I’ll have to check with the Donald….