I haven’t had time to maintain my blog for awhile, but, as you can see, I’m back.  I have been in the midst of  writing a new website, writing and implementing my business plan, securing funding, rounding up resources, looking for buildings…..and doing all the exciting things that people do when they’re starting a new business.

I am so excited to be working with this particular (and changing) group of women and men who share my vision,  and who are willing to collaborate with me to make Ajhan Life a success. We have big plans, which I will share as they unfold.

The workshops will be local, at first, graduating slowly to international retreats. We will be doing all sorts of exploring and teaching, each custom designed on a particular theme.  Some people in the initial lineup are a certified aromatherapist, a movement expert, several musicians, a number of artists, me, serving in the capacity of facilitator….and a wide array of programs.  This is but one aspect of the endeavor.

Another involves the empowerment of disenfranchised women, with whom I plan to work to articulate, sell and distribute a line of natural beauty products that I am manufacturing with essential oils. The products are my own private label, and will contain all kinds of beneficial properties to help relieve stress and feel fine.  The women will be taught how to open small businesses, and will manufacture hand crafts to be packaged with my line of products. This is the short version of the long story….but it’s a good story, one that I am proud to tell.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to an upcoming family reunion, visiting my friend, Genie in Cleveland, and visiting the land of John…my husband’s Pennsylvanian roots and in-laws there. We will be visiting friends in NYC and …er…”elsewhere.”  😉 (i.e.  I can’t say…)

I’m trying to get back into more serious photographic endeavors, and have been photographing my original drawings and digitizing them.  Some of the results are really great, and others are total failures, but I’m really enjoying the process.

I have begun to study hummingbirds now, as they are my favorite photographic subjects these days. Fascinating creatures, they are….magical, and I want to learn as much as I can about them.  My photos are pretty bad, but I have plans for improvement and a daughter nearby with a BFA in photography and great advice, so I think things will get better in the picture-taking department.

Ingrid has an upcoming ballet this weekend….three performances of “Tangled”, beginning Friday night.  John and I will be attending the premier and are really looking forward to it.  The last one was so good and just adorable. The quality of this dance academy is unlike anything any of us have experienced before.   These tiny children in these professional performances in such an organic and eager way. It is heartening to see how much they love it, how much fun they are having.  It was very different when my daughter was in ballet school in Houston.

And speaking of Ingrid, I hear her approaching….so more soon.  Feels good to be back.