I’ve been missing my piano lately.   It was a Yamaha concert grand that I got from Sam Taylor, video producer for ZZ Top.  We worked with Sam when I worked for the entertainment attorney in Texas.  (Did some independent projects for Billy Gibbons, too, but those were unrelated to Sam.  I remember not liking Gibbons very much.  Found him brash…but that had nothing to do with my piano.)

The piano was about 7′ long.  Black shiny lacquer finish.  A stunning piece of art.  We had just renovated a house in the Houston Heights when I got it.   The thing took up about a third of our small living room, but I didn’t mind.  That piano was near and dear to my heart.  I played it when I was happy….and I played it when I was sad. Friends would come over with their instruments and we would play together.  I loved it.  It was my pride and joy…and it was loud!  I played classical….rock….a little (but not much) jazz…and I composed a lot of my own pieces.

When we left the Heights, we moved over to an incredibly beautiful house on Hawthorne Street.  This was a big house, and the piano fit perfectly.  It was on wheels, I would roll it from one end of the living room to the other when I felt like changing things around.

My daughter attended the High School for the Performing Arts, and sometimes her friends would come over and play it.  I remember a Brazilian jazz pianist friend of my friend, Katy played one night.  Whenever we had parties, we would hire professional pianists, and I always enjoyed hearing other people play it, but it was my baby.  I played it every single day, and I loved it so.

When John was offered a position as Vice President and Academic Dean of a good school in New England, I decided to leave the piano behind.  That was a decision that I soon regretted.  However, the instrument was huge, and I feared that the trip across the US might damage it, so I decided to let it go.  It was one of the most painful decisions I have ever made.  I remember crying as the piano movers (wearing white gloves) loaded her into the back of the truck.  However, I also noticed a sense of freedom.  That piano was huge, and she did take up a lot of space.  As much as I loved her, she was a bit of an albatross.

I doubt if I will ever own another piano of that caliber again, but that’s ok.  I am happy that I had the experience when I did. I’m happy that the instrument was in the house when I children were growing up.  However, at the end of the day, it was just another thing….another material possession, and possessions simply aren’t that important…at least to me, they’re not.

I moved on to other things…started playing the guitar more…writing new songs…concentrating on other things….but now and again, I’ll want to play the theme song from The Piano….or some Mozart….or a little House of the Risin’ Sun.  I’ll not forget her.