Apologies for my negligence here on Arte California.  Life came along and wiped me off my feet with a huge number of new opportunities that make me very happy.  I hit the ground running, and I’ve not stopped yet!  Things are happening at a fast pace here in the life of Stacy Alexander, and blogging has had to take a back seat, for awhile.

Things are going very well in my life right now.  (Yes, all is good in life and in love…..and I have a lot to gloat about there….but I’ve promised not to…so I won’t.)  I am working harder than ever, but at a higher, more gratifying level than in previous months.  My projects have taken a more journalistic slant, as I have been attending events and writing about those for a variety of publications.  I have a gig coming up in Ashland before long, where I’ll be reviewing the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  This is an event we try to attend anyway, but this year, it will be a working gig.

Recently took a brief trip in the middle of a snow storm, to Reno again.  We had plans to meet friends from Santa Cruz at Tahoe, do a little skiing, but there was a blizzard there and we couldn’t get over the pass.   Our friends got stuck in Sacramento where they had a good time without us, and now they’ve jetted off to NZ to celebrate the recent births of twin granddaughters, and we’re back home in Portland.

The weather was bad the entire time we were in Reno, but we still managed to have a good time.  Stayed at the Nugget…went dancing at the Peppermill.  Cooked dinner for our friends, Kat and Len.  Met friends, Kimberly and Don for Mexican food….and Kat and Len another night, for more Mexican food.  Went to the museum.  Listened to some jazz.  Played pool with our friends.  Ate breakfast at our two favorite breakfast places….let’s see…..what else?  Just had some good times.  Some fun.  We enjoy it there.  THAT was obnoxious.

Personally, I’ve been on a big creative binge…writing songs, doing sketches that I then digitize and manipulate into some pretty cool artworks, working on mosaics, making jewelry.  Writing poetry.  Working on my novel….on my cookbook….cooking…..I just feel this surge of creative energy emerging, and am having such a good time with it. I’m not doing anything monumental….but I am feeling happy with it all, satisfied, and that counts for something.

I still have all the same great friends (some greater than others) that I’ve had for years now, and have recently made some new ones, namely Baranna, who has recently moved here from Houston.  She’s a candy maker / baker, music fan like me, and general nice, like-minded person.  Then, I’ve hooked back up with my old accountant/friend, Keith, in Houston.  Another couple that I was friends with back in the day, have reached out, and I’ve met some great folks here in the hood.  It’s been nice!