Happy New Year!

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Starting the new year off right this morning,  with a big breakfast of my organic veggie hash with poached eggs with a smattering of some amazing aged Parm that I received as a holiday present from my record producer friend, B, who lives in Rome.

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John bought some extra special coffee for us, and I served this hash with 9 grain bread, veggie bacon and pear slices.  It was good!

After I finish writing this, we will be heading out with Beatrix for a hike.  The sun is out today.  It’s cold, but gorgeous, and both of us are anxious to get outdoors.  We’re planning to go to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden where Steve Jobs used to hang out and smoke pot.  😉   It is right across the street from Reed College, where he went to school.

We spent another New Years celebration with our darling friends, Toni and Peter at Arriverderci last night .  Toni is a friend of the owner of this cozy little place.  We spent the evening listening to the jazz/blues of Ma Fondu, having fantastic conversations and enjoying some mighty good food and libations.  It was, as always, a good time.

Ma Fondu channeled a little Janis….because every New Year’s Eve party needs some Janis, right?

We danced and danced and danced.  The video above is Toni and Peter cutting a rug early on.  I’m embarrassed to admit that my husband puts me to shame on the dance floor.  He is ten years older than I but has the stamina of a 16 year old!   We had such a great time.

The food was fantastic, as was our New Years bottle of Dom….but I was especially partial to our desserts….Chocolate martinis!


The band played all kinds of music….jazz, blues, saloon ballads, classic rock.  I don’t think I captured any of their truly great numbers….because I was out on the dance floor!   It’s hard not to get up and dance during such a festive occasion.


The owner of Arriverderci spends all day in the kitchen, but comes out to play with his guests at night.  He is a KILLER sax player.  The quality of the jazz that he brings to his little restaurant is world class, so he has played with the best of the best.  We heard him for the first time at last year’s New Years celebration.  The guy is absolutely great, and his restaurant reflects his passion for both food and music.

I had a wonderful and loving phone conversation with my ____ when we got home, the minute I stepped into the door….which started the new year off in the best way possible.  More details about this on my other blog for select subscribers only.

And so now….Here we are… and I’m out the door.

Happy New Year, my gentle readers.  Sending out all kinds of love.  May 2016 be the best year ever for us all.