The Stupidity that is Fox News

Last night, I was at the gym and I decided to turn the channel to Fox News to see if they would mention Bengazi, since ithe whole issue has now turned out to be a total fraud.

I could not stomach it long enough to get a reasonable sample. I watched  Sean Hannity and Chris Christy ranting about the refugees from Syria. In all seriousness they said that people that lived under Sharia Law could not fit into the US.

I can see why the morons that watch that show for “news” have such a distorted reality. Syria has a mixture of European legal systems, but it is, basically, French Law.

Few Muslim countries use Sharia Law for their criminal justice system and a huge number don’t use it at all. For instance, it is only used in certain areas of Indonesia. I haven’t checked carefully but looking at the map of who uses it it looks to me as if the majority of Muslim people do not use it at all.

The equation that Muslim equals Sharia Law that they push on Fox News is simply wrong.

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One thought on “The Stupidity that is Fox News

  1. Glad you noticed that re shariah law…but there is another myth that people do not seem to realise: the myth of shariah law itself. Shariah law is basically the very same law that is the foundation of the US law…if you ever get a chance to visit the Supreme Court in the US you will see a plaque mentioning it. Shariah Law is not what people think it is. It is a fully functioning legal system that is the base for the current legal system all over the world. In fact the very law called “secular law” stems from the most important aspect of Shariah Law that states that no non-Muslim can be judged under the Shariah, but under secular law, or his own religious law if he has one. Similarly the women and orphan and children rights laws applied today come from Shariah, as does the very concept of divorce. The law that states that if a spouse goes missing for a certain amount of time without any communication whatsoever renders the remaining spouse as legally no longer married is also taken from Shariah Law…tax laws, charity laws, corporate laws are all founded upon Shariah.
    I hope people would tend to see how much is distorted in the name of “war against terror” to justify war crimes and to force ordinary people to live in a mental prison. Thumbs up!

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