It has been awhile since I’ve made a personal update on this blog.  Since the subscription rate is now approaching almost 1000 WordPress followers and another 3500 Feedburner subscribers, I felt I should stop and catch everyone up on what has been going on with me.

As many of you know, I completed my masters in Psychology in July.  I graduated with honors and a perfect 4 point GPA!  There were times when I felt so discouraged.  It was gruelingly hard work, at times,  and it took me over a month to fully recover from the stress, but it is an accomplishment of which I am proud and which taught me many important things.

Since graduation, I have been hard at work, still writing….but also formulating my business plan, securing funding and getting to work on my new business, Ajhan Life.  I am carefully designing retreats and workshops for creative types, and also doing some women-specific empowerment workshops.  These, I plan to take all over the world, but it will be some time before I reach that point.  I am overwhelmed with the magnitude of the work involved in putting all of this together, but I have a strong team working with me, and plan to do work that is beneficial, that gives something back to the world and that will help me be happy and prosper as I help others to be happier and to prosper to a higher level.  Very rewarding and interesting work.

Our granddaughter, Maya, is now safely back in the Pacific NW.  We were honored to be able to furnish her with transportation after a grueling fiasco that left her car-less and disheartened….but finally aware.   We are so happy that she is nearby once again, and stay closely in touch.

Our little Ingrid started school this year.  She is in a French immersion program, in kindergarten, and absolutely loves it.  I pick her up after school and play with her until her mother picks her up after she gets off work.  My daughter is a local college professor who is even busier than I am, so John and I try to work with her and our son-in-law to make nurturing this precious little child a family affair.  Things are working out very well in that department.

I am writing and making a lot of music these days, too, as I’ve hooked up with some exciting Portland musicians who share my love for music.  My guitar playing is improving, although I don’t think I’ll ever do much with it.  This is for sheer pleasure.

John and I are taking lots of little day trips throughout this magnificently beautiful state in which we live.  We go to the coast or to the river or to the mountains virtually every week.  The great thing about living in Portland (one of many, really) is the ability to reach exciting destinations within 5 minutes of home.  Love it!  We’re also going out to hear a lot of music….jazz, blues, folk, classical….You name it.

I’ve also been doing a lot of cooking since graduation, finally putting together that cookbook project that I’ve had planned for years.  It is going beautifully, and I’ve interested John in cooking, so we do a lot of recipe writing and testing together.  It’s nice!

Oh….and art!  I’m back into art making in a huge way, as I’ve recently received the biggest commission ever, and it is a painting, rather than a mosaic commission.  I am working on a painting of Rickie Lee Jones singing a Blind Willie Johnson song that is based on a photo that I took of her doing this very thing.

Life is good.  I am happy….and that’s all the news there is to write today! 🙂