Day #28 – Looking In


Lavender for Migranes

Lavender has been studied recently for several purposes including treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, as well as a number of other things. Its analgesic effect, however, its painkiller effect, is one of the widely studied properties. Surprising, then, that there hasn’t apparently been a single documented clinical trial to study lavender for the treatmentContinue reading “Lavender for Migranes”

Selfies: A depiction of female narcissism or a platform for political empowerment?

Summary: A cultural social media phenomenon of recent years, ‘selfie’ was declared the Oxford English Dictionary 2013 Word of the Year. Since then it has become a powerful means of self-expression, particularly for young women in their teens and early twenties. But do selfies merely represent shallow online narcissism? New research explores “the political urgencyContinue reading “Selfies: A depiction of female narcissism or a platform for political empowerment?”