I love you, Dad, and wish I could be there to celebrate the day with you.  Happy Fathers Day, also, to John, who has been the best, most devoted and loving father to my children that a mother could possibly wish for, to Nathan, the fabulous father of Ingrid, for whom I am thankful each and every day,  to Jason, for always being there for Maya in such good and strong ways,  to Dee, for setting such an excellent example for Harrison, to Pierre and Matthew (the fathers of my Godchildren) … and to my Best Bestie.



dad - April 7, 2013

Love you, Daddy. I hope you have a beautiful day today.

(Update) – I am writing this at 4:35 p.m.   We went with my daughter and son-in-law to the Eagle Ridge Resort in Happy Valley and spent the morning playing golf, one of John’s favorite past times.  I did remarkably well, considering the fact that I am not a golfer.  We all had a good visit and  a lot of fun and the temperature could not have been more perfect.  It was gorgeous at the club!  After golf, we had lunch.  Then, John and I bopped around at the Village Merchant, a fun place for vintage and consignment goodies.  I am getting ready to travel to an uber-hot climate, so picked up a few cute clothing items for weather much hotter than we have it here in Portland.

CLICK HERE to take a look at where we spent our morning.  It was lovely in every way.  Perfect day.  Just beautiful up there and only 15 minutes from our home.