Our Ingrid has always loved clothes.   She is one of the most innovative, free spirited and creative dressers that I know. We have always let her choose her own outfits, ( for as long as she has expressed an interest in doing so) and she is just one of those kids who has an eye for what looks good.


It is not unusual to see her decked out in formal attire, strolling through the isles of Whole Foods with her own shopping cart…

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…..  or walking the dog….or to find her strolling about town in designer clothes and shoes of some kind.  She has a fanciful imagination and playing dress up is one of her favorite activities.  We feel that it feeds her creative spirit.


In a couple of months, she will begin her first year of school and must wear uniforms every day.  Her mother attended private school and one of the main worries at that time was that she hated wearing uniforms.  It didn’t take long for her to customize them in ways that were within the dress code, but that also highlighted her unique personality.  I have no doubt that Ingrid will do this as well…but for now, she is excited about the uniform.  They do offer several options…khaki pants, different sleeve lengths and so forth.  We will see how she does.  The excited part is rather nice.  I wonder how she will feel about it by the end of the school year?