Yo, Texas!

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5 thoughts on “Yo, Texas!

  1. True story but thankfully not here. My sister lives in Houston and it was really flooded. The schools closed so she didn’t work some days this past week.

    1. I, too, have family in Houston. My baby grandson and his mother have been making the most of life…but getting sort of soggy in the process. :-). All of my friends there have really lucked out, all things considered. Happy to hear you managed to avoid the floods. Hope your sister is ok. Really bad around Dallas, too. My best friend has managed to stay high and dry there, thankfully.

      1. That’s good your loved ones are alright. My sister and brother in law are alright too. It’s just super hot and windy here but I’ll take that over flooding. We hit 95 yesterday but it felt like it was over 100.

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