I had THE BEST Mother’s Day this year.  It is amazing how a little “housecleaning” (getting rid of toxic elements in one’s life) can result in just that….a clean house…literally and figuratively.

I am thoroughly convinced that I have the best daughter in the world.  Admittedly, I’m probably not the only mother who has expressed this sentiment about her daughter, but ’tis true for me, anyway.  This was the best Mother’s Day I have ever had.  Had such a nice, long conversation with my own mom today, too, who agrees with me about my daughter, by the way.  I’m one lucky mother AND daughter….and I know it.

Honor to all you moms out there who are reading this….especially to my own mom, who I love very much.  To John….to my Bestie….thank you for your sweet wishes.  It was, indeed, a very good day.