Hello, Friendlies!

I felt I should take a moment out of my busy schedule to inform you that I am still among the living.  I am currently in week two of my thesis/capstone course writing and am buried alive in research/books/papers/articles.  Combined with my full time job of writing a Chinese fashion catalog at the moment, I have little time to keep up with any type of detailed blog pursuits.  Mind you, this is a temporary state.  I will be back….and soon….to write more detailed entries.  Much has happened that I want to write about….but for now, I’ll be posting my photo a day and quick posts.  So please stick around.  I’ll be back.

Suffice it to say….life is good.  I am happy.  Things are going really well, and I will address all of this soon.

Hugz and kizzes!

Stacy A.

PS ….and for you….YES.  IT IS STILL GOING ON.