Day #17 – An Ordinary Moment


(I love my shoes!)

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6 thoughts on “Day #17 – An Ordinary Moment

      1. Oh, good for you with the bike ride. Don’t you just love to ride bikes? My son-in-law just revamped my bike for me and it’s ready to go. An early morning bike ride is on the agenda for tomorrow. Happy to hear you’re having beautiful weather there, too. This has been an incredible spring in Portland thus far.

      2. It’s a deal! I’ll post pics tomorrow. You?
        Once or twice a year here in Portland, the city closes off certain streets in my neighborhood for a community bike ride. It’s a huge deal. Little kids…moms…dads…teenagers…elderly people…EVERYONE rides up and down the streets and then picnics at the nearby park afterward. Someone always brings speakers and music. It is a lot of fun.

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