I have just finished my major project for Forensic Psychology, in the form of an almost 30-page paper.   Today. I plan to finish up my Organizational Consulting project, which consists of an outline and the end of an incremental slide presentation that I have been working on all term.   Next week, I will have to turn in a 30 page “Plan of Action” for a corporation that I have been conducting and internal analysis on.  After that, I will have completed all of the class work involved in getting my masters. I will have a week off and then I will begin a 10-week journey to complete my final Capstone Course, i.e. the equivalent of a thesis.  This feeling of accomplishment and pride is unlike any I have ever experienced before. This degree program was difficult.  It was time consuming.  At times, it seemed virtually impossible to complete….but I’ve done it…and my grades, thus far, reflect straight A’s.

Today, one of my professors presented the following video.  It brought me to tears.  I want to post it here today, in hopes that it will have meaning to even one of my readers.  It is about greatness.