I have to write about the Nitribullet Dessert Bullet….simply because it is one of the best ways I know to make a delicious dessert in no time flat, without the fat and processed sugars found in other desserts.    Ok….It does require a little preparation ahead of time, but my freezer is chock full of organic fruits…bananas, berries, stone fruit, et al…anyway, so I don’t really think about what comes first.  For me, it is already there.

dessert bullet

I love this machine.  It is easy to assemble and the results are fantastic every time.  All you do is put it together, add the fruit, turn it on and watch as a delicious ice-cream-like dessert comes out the other end.  Granted, you can do the same thing with a blender, but the texture is different.  I’ve been blending bananas and a little water forever, to make “ice cream”…but trust me when I say that this Dessert Bullet produces superior results.


Pinterest has a plethora of Dessert Bullet recipes.  Click HERE to find the ones you want to try.

The following video is a demonstration of the Dessert Bullet.  It is very cool!

Also, if you are worried about fructose and the nutritional content of fruit, please check out THIS  information  found on the website of my fitness guru, Dr. Michael Greger.