Good article about the claim that “the family” is under attack.

By Joseph Peterson

I have a real and abiding question that I truly don’t know the answer to. What do religious leaders (not just Mormon) mean when they say “the family is under attack”?

Now for a bit of context.

I remember when I first I opened my mission call to the Netherlands, Amsterdam mission. Instantly everyone seemed to say, “oh, that place is Sodom and Gomorrah, it’s Sin City, it’s one of the most wicked (and Liberal! So….double wicked!) places on earth! You are going to have your work cut out for you, you brave missionary!”

So I arrive to the den of iniquity, aka The Netherlands, and what do I find? A tolerant society that believes everyone deserves a fair shot. Robust and often free medical care. Families who spend time together for five weeks of paid vacation every year! And if that wasn’t enough, families who also…

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