Daily Archives: March 27, 2015



Today, I finished the wasp nest bird sculpture that I wrote about a few weeks ago.  This was one of the most challenging pieces I had ever done.   The huge wasps nest was teaming with live wasps when I received it from New York.  It was very dry, broken and crumbling….but I managed to work a little magic and to transform it into this weird creature that I have named “WaspLark”.1waspnestbird

The piece is going to my friends Scott Cohen and Anastasia Trania who found the big nest in upstate New York.

scott and ana

It was a difficult process and even a little creepy, handling the wasp nest, but I somehow managed to fashion a piece of art out of it….albeit a very strange one.


It is very rustic, but, as is customary for me, I did manage to add a touch of bling here and there.


Sometimes, an artist just has to allow the materials to dictate the piece.  In this case, I had no other choice.

Guitar Girl Commission


guitar girl

This is a prototype for a children’s art commission that I received this past week. I will be creating a series of these textural “Guitar Girl” mixed media paintings to into a shop that sells children’s furniture and art in the Napa Valley.  This one is a little messy, because I threw it together rather quickly.


Each piece is painted and burned into long, narrow birchwood panels and a variety of different papers, clays, paints and Perlex finishes are applied.  Quite frankly, I despise this style of art because everyone and their dogs makes it….but when a commission beckons, I respond.  The money is great and these are paintings I can throw together in no time flat.


I am thankful for the commission, and anticipate having fun making these.  There will be a variety of different characters, most of which will be somehow related to music.   Some will be sold on my Etsy site later on, and some will go into fabric designs and accessories.  Why not welcome Guitar Girl into your child’s life!