First, congratulations to Lindsay and Apollo on the birth of their sweet son, Shepherd Lee.    May you enjoy and love this adorable new addition to the Lone Star State,  and may he bring tons of joy to your wonderful family.  John and I are SO happy for you, and can’t wait to hold him and cover those beautiful little cheeks with Auntie Stacy kisses!   Congratulations, you guys.  This is great news!  We’ll toast your happy family tonight.

Ok… back to our regular program…..

Don’t laugh, ok?  REAL campers are going to laugh about this gift….but I’m telling you, I’m ready for something like this.  I have always loved camping and have camped in the most rustic of environments. I used to take my kids camping by a lake when they were little.   When we lived in Texas, we once went beach camping in Matagora.  The campfire was burning, when literally thousands of tiny crabs raced across the beach and threw themselves into the fire!  I’d never seen anything like it.

Today is our anniversary, and we always avoid all the rowdy “stuff your face and drink green beer” plebeian activities that come with March 17th.  ick.   This year is a special anniversary and we plan to get away from it all, thanks to the thoughtful consideration of my sweet husband.

I have camped in the Kentucky woods, in black bear country.  I have camped in Alaska, in grizzly bear country. I have camped on a Tuscan hillside and within sound of the crashing waves of the Pacific.  I have camped in trees.  I have camped in desert sands.  I have camped in tents, in yurts, on top of a Manhattan skyscraper and within sight of the Hollywood sign in California…..but I have never had a camping experience like the one my husband just gifted me with for our anniversary today!  Wow! This man is something else!   I am so excited!


My husband is one of those “thoughtful” gift givers.  He really thinks about the person he is giving something to, and tries to find just the right thing for that person.  This time was no different.  This luxury camping trip,  in my opinion, was the perfect gift.  I am beside myself with happiness over this.
It is located near Olympia, in Washington, a city smaller than your average capital city.  It is a peaceful Pacific Northwest destination that is huge on natural charm. At the southern edge of the Puget Sound, Olympia’s marina hosts a collection of charming sun-bleached sailboats and impressive, stately yachts, while the nearby boardwalk hosts visitors drinking in the salty breeze. Less than a half hour to the south, the quaint city of Tenino is home to the 842-acre Millersylvania State Park, and that is where we will be camping. Blanketed in old-growth cedar and fir trees, the park contains more than 3,000 feet of shoreline on Deep Lake.  It is incredibly beautiful there.  So beautiful.

1camping3 Tucked in the heart of Millersylvania State Park, Pampered Wilderness is as far from a typical campsite as it gets.  Luxurious open-air cabins are crafted with tiered canvas and outfitted with king-size memory foam mattresses, mini fridges, microwaves, vanities, and fireplaces.  We even have a personal fire pitand a big a dining table.  Ok….don’t laugh….but the package also comes with an electric heater.

In the morning, we shall enjoy pastries and coffee before kayaking above the calm currents of Deep Lake.

John, you could have gone without the gifts and it wouldn’t have bothered me a bit…but you didn’t.  You never do….and I appreciate them and you so much.  This one is so special.  Thank you for your love, your devotion and that incurable romantic side that always makes me smile.

Happy anniversary, my dearest darling.  I love you to pieces… the moon and back….forever and ever, amen.