“Gleefully Dabbles”???? Check this out

This article originally appeared in Open Culture.  Absolutely amazing….”Gleefully dabbles…”???!!! wow. Walter Keane—supposed painter of “Big Eyed Children” and subject of a recent Tim Burton film—made a killing, attaining almost Thomas Kinkade-like status in the middlebrow art market of the 1950 and 60s. As it turns out, his wife, Margaret was in fact the artist,Continue reading ““Gleefully Dabbles”???? Check this out”

Livin’ in a Two Story House

Wound up week 5 of my songwriting class last week and am going into the sixth week with the lyrics to my C&W tune coming along pretty well.  I really enjoy this Berklee College of Music class.  The teacher is an old pro and very witty and we’re all having a lot of fun withContinue reading “Livin’ in a Two Story House”

Hey, Dumbass. This is for YOU.

Stupid is as stupid does….and Jonathon Gatehouse expresses it brilliantly in this repost from MacCleans. America dumbs down The U.S. is being overrun by a wave of anti-science, anti-intellectual thinking. Has the most powerful nation on Earth lost its mind? Jonathon Gatehouse May 15, 2014 South Carolina’s state beverage is milk. Its insect is theContinue reading “Hey, Dumbass. This is for YOU.”