Because John and I have such precious little time together, we try to make the most out of every day that we DO have together, spending at least a portion of each one, engaging in something special.  Not everyone can understand our relationship,and that’s ok.  WE understand it.  We are deeply bonded to one another, with strong love and conviction, regardless of anything else.

For the most part, ours is a harmonious existence, with no need to raise our voices or to speak angrily to one another.  Our dynamic is to  strive to find positive things to talk about….art, literature, travel, work, our daily lives….and to let the rest of it fall away.  Mind you, we get on one another’s nerves occasionally, just like other couples, but we put forth a conscious effort to  maximize our togetherness and keep things on a positive note.  We know what is important and we try our best to ignore the rest.  It works beautifully.

Yesterday was our day to drive along the beautiful Columbia River Gorge to Multnomah Falls, one of our favorite destinations.  As you can see from the video, the sky was a gorgeous blue and the sun was out.  Perfection!

We swung by and picked up Ingrid and headed for the falls with a view toward having a late lunch there.  There were more beautiful sites along the way than I had the energy to take pictures of.  The scenery is always breathtaking, regardless of the weather or season. horse multnomahThe lodge sits at the foot of the falls and has a nice atrium, so when we lunch there, we usually have a lovely view of the water tumbling down the mountainside.  Even though the food is only average, and not at all spectacular, it is one of our favorite places to eat by merit of the ambiance alone.multnomah falls lodgeThe interior is rustic and casually-luxurious at once. It isn’t fancy or anything.  There is just a “grand’ characteristic about it because of the high ceilings, the stonework and wrought iron and the lovely interior atrium.  There is usually a fire roaring in the big, stone fireplace which takes the dampness out of the air and provides a cozy atmosphere. By the time we returned from our hike, our appetites were primed for some good food .  We surely enjoyed a nice lunch.

multnomah lodge

When Ingrid is with us, we usually stop by the gift shop and pick up some postcards and let her pass a penny through the embossing machine.  Yesterday was no exception.

Only days earlier, Ingrid lost her other grandfather to cancer, so she was very clingy toward John and did not want to leave his side.  This touched our hearts.  It is hard for a 5 year old to process emotional pain at this level and the trip seemed to do her a lot of good.  This is a peaceful place.  Beautiful photo opportunities are everywhere, as are places to slip away alone and meditate.


We are all too cognizant of the fact that our days upon this earth are limited.  We are building memories for Ingrid.  We are building memories for one another.  We are cherishing these times.  More than you know.

I think of John when I hear this song, and also the rest of my beloved family. I think of  my best friend.  Listen to the words.  They mean something.