My husband came bearing early anniversary gifts and says there are more to come.   wow. Just wow. Didn’t expect this at all.  (I took the photo in low light, so it didn’t show the true beauty and sparkle of this bracelet.)  What an incredible gift, though.

I took little Beatrix back to the vet yesterday for her immunization booster.    When we came out into the lobby, there my husband sat waiting for us.  Sight for sore eyes, he was.  I felt so happy to see him!

We came home and had a nice visit before going over to the Belmont District for an art walk called, “Hump Day”.  Portland now has the quintessential art walk available on any given evening,  in various districts, so one can always find artful endeavors when the mood strikes.  Last night’s was good, despite a little drizzle.  There was some inspiring contemporary art, some great bands playing, and we had a blast dancing in the streets with about 200 other people.  Then, we had an exquisite dinner out and spent the rest of the evening in, getting reacquainted.  I am so happy he is home.