1, 2, 3 – Life is Beautiful


9:08 a.m. – Yesterday was a special day for three reasons.  Two of them, I can share with you here.

First:  Harrison (my youngest Texas love)  took his first steps!

Second:  Ingrid learned to whistle!

Third:   Well…suffice it to say, I am grateful and happy to be alive.  Life is beautiful.  xoxoxo


Life is good. I have so much for which to be thankful….and I am.

This afternoon is our second big community jam, and after awhile, we plan to do a multi-city video like the one above.  Won’t that be fun?!  I can hardly wait!    Last weekend, we had four upright bases and more than 40 musicians and singers.  It was amazing!  Looking forward to this afternoon’s gathering.  I’m baking cookies…drizzled with caramel and chocolate…sprinkled with sea salt.    We’re having the gathering at the park this time, and are going to have a big picnic.


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