Congratulations, John! (again…)

I know I JUST congratulated my husband on his play being selected for the starting lineup of the San Francisco Dramatist’s Guild’s new season, so it might seem a little soon to be writing another congratulatory post, but I just received word that effective this May, John will receive a great promotion.  Things are changingContinue reading “Congratulations, John! (again…)”

Using Diffusers to Get Rid of Mice the Humane Way

You may recall the post I made the other day about using diffused essential oils to aid in concentration.  I promised to write more about diffusers, but today, my friend  submitted this story about her own experience in getting rid of mice without killing them. Getting Rid of Mice the Humane Way This is myContinue reading “Using Diffusers to Get Rid of Mice the Humane Way”

Influence, Persuasion, Manipulation, Coercion – FOUR modes of action

  A client hired me to write about this topic, and as I investigated, I decided that the topic was pretty interesting, so I’ll post the gist of my article here: Each day, people try to influence others. I do it.  You do it.  Everyone does. Could be about something small.  Could be about somethingContinue reading “Influence, Persuasion, Manipulation, Coercion – FOUR modes of action”