This is for you and your beautiful smile.

I’m sitting here listening to Mozart, looking at the wonderful pictures of my neighborhood that I took this morning, and feeling like a million bucks.  I have a joyful heart and a peaceful spirit.

I went for a walk this and snapped this shot to share here.  This is pretty much what my entire neighborhood looks like right now, and it is the perfect reflection of how I feel in my happy heart and mind.  I am infinitely grateful at this moment…for my life, for the beauty that surrounds me, for the love that I receive from those that love me and for the insight that I receive from those that don’t.  It seems everything is another lesson if I view it the right way.

I am working on a very difficult assignment this week, one that I I’ve mentioned previously, about a competency evaluation for a death penalty case.  This is an assignment that has kept me awake at night, worried about the poor defendant who is, without a doubt, guilty, but who does not at all deserve the death penalty, because he did not know what he was doing when he committed the crime.  I don’t believe in the death penalty at all.  Therefore, I have to write my own bias statement into my evaluation.

I told someone what I was working on yesterday and he laughed and called me a “Pluto Scorpio,” claiming that I was into the dark side of life.  I laughed in return.  Nothing could be further from the truth, and he knows it.  This is just an assignment. I never plan to work in this area of psychology.  It’s just all a part of the program.  The picture at the top of this entry much better represents what I am “into” right now….and how I feel.  Happy.  Through and through.

Spring is so beautiful in Portland…even when it comes in March.  It is made even more beautiful by how fortunate I am, and by the gratitude that I feel for what I have.

Big, busy day ahead of me today.  I hope all of you have a good one.  Oh…and thank you to all my new subscribers and welcome.  There are now 705 of you  + 3500 followers.  I hope I don’t let you down.