Orange Aromatherapy for Anxiety

The following article is by my nutrition guru, Dr. Michael Greger.  Each year, this Cornell medical physician conducts a search of empirical medical literature and publishes all the new findings on his website at  Viewers can search the site by topic.  He has  plethora of scientifically substantiated information about nutrition.  It is the mostContinue reading “Orange Aromatherapy for Anxiety”

Bow Ties for Dogs??!! (Straight out of Portlandia)

I have written about the food cart “pod” that is a couple of blocks from our house.  It is an amazing gathering of carts that serve gourmet quality international food selections on the cheap.  We love it, both for the food and the low prices, as well as for the diversity of the crowd thatContinue reading “Bow Ties for Dogs??!! (Straight out of Portlandia)”

The Magical Power of Lemon Water

I felt emotionally exhausted and physically drained after my trip to another state week before last.  Saying goodbye to loved ones is always so hard, but in this case, it was absolutely agonizing. Four funerals of friends over a 10-day span was just too much.    On the flight home, I asked the airline hostessContinue reading “The Magical Power of Lemon Water”

Rest in Peace, Blake.

While an expected loss, the death of my friend, Blake, came as a sad blow this morning when I learned she had succumbed to her battle with cancer.   She was such an intelligent woman and loving spirit. Blake made a positive impact on many, many people. Blake, you will be missed.  Blake’s death makesContinue reading “Rest in Peace, Blake.”