Day #20 – This is so me!

Photo-a-day prompt:  “This is so me!” (These are my new BCBG wedges for spring…since, in Portland, spring is practically here already.  I have more shoes than Imelda Marcos!)

A Waltz on the Forensics Dance Floor

How many of you love television programs that have to do with crime solving?  Shows such as CSI, Dateline and others that entail looking inside the heads of criminals are quite interesting.  They tend to hook their audiences by providing clues that audience members can easily fit together to solve the crimes from home.  WhenContinue reading “A Waltz on the Forensics Dance Floor”

When Someone You Love Succeeds

I have to admit it.  Personal success feels great.  Each time I accomplish something that sets me one step closer to my goals, I feel elated.  However, that feeling pales in comparison to the emotions I experience when someone I love achieves success, be it a friend or a family member.  That’s right.  I takeContinue reading “When Someone You Love Succeeds”