After having stayed awake long into the night to wait for a phone call, I woke this morning feeling fairly groggy.  I had been promising Ingrid that I would take her to the Portlandia-famous waffle window on Hawthorne, so we got dressed and set out for a walk through the hood, up to Hawthorne street. I didn’t stay groggy for long.  This is truly a beautiful city.  The sun was out, the temperature was mild, and we were both in a great mood.

A true sign that spring has almost sprung was the abundance of flowers that we saw along the way.


Of course, we had to stop for a little tree climbing along the way…

tree climbing

And a wee bit of balance beam walking…

We also had a nice discussion about media…Vinyl vs. MP3s, to be exact….


But we finally arrived at our destination.  The legendary waffle window.  Some of you may have seen it in an episode or two of Portlandia or maybe you read about it in the March 2012 issue of Bon Appetite magazine.  Others may have seen it in one of the many documentaries that have been made about what an awesome city Portland is.  The waffle window is just another of those fantastic things that makes Portland unique….and it is a mere 7 blocks from our home!  The line was long, but the wait was brief.

waffle window

I ordered the Farm Fusion waffle, which was a combination of Mushrooms, spinach, roasted pepper, tomato and marinated chèvre.   Yum.   Had that with a 16 ounce latte and enjoyed every bite.

waffle 1

Ingrid had the day’s special, which was some clementine orange and blueberry concoction with an orange/caramel sauce and whipped cream.  Mind you, we do not allow this child to eat these kinds of sweets often, but she thoroughly enjoyed this.  These authentic Portland style Liege pearl sugar waffles are truly a unique treat!  They’re made using a yeast dough instead of a batter and are baked with pearl sugar to give the waffle a delicious crunch. I guarantee that this place’s specialty Portland style Liege waffles are unlike anything you have had before.  Absolutely delicious!  No complaints!

blueberry waffle

The place has 2 or 3 specials each day, and a menu with a wide array of both sweet and savory waffles from which to choose.  They also have a fabulous drink menu that includes some of the best coffee drinks in the city and unique teas and lemonades.  For instance, the basil/blackberry lemonade is one of my favorites.


The concept is very simple.  People just walk up to the window, order, then go to the tented area in the back of the building where they enjoy their food.  There is also a full-service breakfast place in the front of the building where wafflers can take their fare and eat indoors….but the tent thing was an adventure for Ingrid, so we did that.  Her mother (my daughter, Sarah) joined us, and we had a nice visit as we enjoyed our food.

This was a good start to a good day.  I love spending time with Sarah and Ingrid, especially in a city such as Portland, that has so much to offer in terms of great food, unique ambiance and just good vibes.  Happy to be alive.  Yup.