I found this project on Pinterest and have decided to do it.  I have one small area that runs in front of the front living room window, across the front of the house to where the deck is, that needs some help.  Rather than planting more there, I have decided to do homemade cobble stones.  The form shown in the first photo can be picked up at Home Depot, or similar home stores.

All one needs to complete this project is a handful of things really. The concrete form, some regular cement, water, a colorant (if desired), some spare time and of course m the right space.

Begin by removing any grass or debris to make the intended surface even. Once it is flattened, place the concrete form to plan out the cobblestone path design. Mix the bag of cement with water and add colorant, if desired. Once the cement mixture is ready,  begin  placing it inside the form with a trowel,  while making sure there aren’t any air pockets in between. Make sure to smooth it as well as possible,  and remove  the extra concrete from the form. When the cement is set, lift the frame up and round the stones so they look like natural cobblestones.  Ta dah!

I will either grout between the stone, plant some type of non-invaisve moss or a short grass.  We’ll see….I will post pictures of my own job, once I get around to doing it.