Who doesn’t love onion rings?  I know I love them….but my husband loves them even more, which is why, out of concern for his health, I have been experimenting with BAKED (not fried) onion ring recipes. 8 or 9 fried onion rings can have as many as 276 calories, depending on where you get them.  No thanks!  This recipe yields a much lower calorie version.  They’re soft, tender and sweet on the inside, and light, crispy and delicious on the outside.

To make these, I just used one of the big onions that came in my organic produce box.  It was yellow…but I don’t know the variety.  Walla-Wallas or a Vidalia would be perfect, but I’m sure any ‘ol onion variety will do.

I sliced them into rings and soaked them in low fat buttermilk overnight.  Then, I beat 4 egg whites and made a mixture of whole wheat flower, cornmeal and panko.  To that, I added dried parsley, sweet paprika, garlic salt, sea salt, freshly ground pepper and lemon pepper. (Use the spices you love!) Then, I gave them a light spray of canned olive oil (to help them brown).  Popped them in a 425 degree oven for about 15 minutes, then squeezed a fresh lemon over them while they were still hot.



Give ’em a try!