Today is the final day of the 5-day art challenge and I have selected three of my very early pieces to show you.  This first piece is one of my first 3-D mosaics.  I made it in honor of my beloved granddaughter, Maya, and used this piece to teach *her* how to make mosaics.  She and her friend, Maddie, helped me with the grouting, and both of them stuck some tiles to it. I free-handed the flowers, and all glass is hand cut.

flower heart song for maya

This second piece is also an older one, and one that I did in a series of mosaic/mixed-media shrines for an exhibit that I did in California.

shrine dancing blue dog head guy

And finally, this piece was one of my very first mosaics, and is called, “Womb With a View” (for obvious reasons).

womb view

I hope you have enjoyed checking out my work.  I am currently working on a series of musical instrument- inspired mosaics for an installation.  Not a lot of time to work on it, since I’m still in school and working full time…but I burn the midnight oil, sometimes, and slowly plug away on my new pieces.  Hopefully, I will have more to show you in the near future…but who knows?  It is what it is…..  Art makes me feel good, and that’s why I make it.