This is Day #3 of a 5 Day Art Challenge in which I have been asked to post 3 works of my own art.  These are older pieces.

This first piece was my interpretation of Calder’s Fish Mobile.  It was very difficult to make and the photo isn’t good…but this is the best I can do.  It was made of found beach glass, recycled jewelry, heavy-gauge wire and thin, silver wire.  The tail was painted yellow, but it’s difficult to see in the photo.


This next piece is a commissioned mixed media painting of a Jizo (sort of the Buddhist patron saint of travelers and pets) (but not exactly).  This one has gold leaf, acrylic paint and various imported papers and jewels on a wood panel.  Many of the details are etched into the wood using a wood burning tool.


This tutu mosaic is called, “Tutu Degas”.  I collaged images onto the substrate and silver leaf and stamping, then covered the piece with clear glass with iridescent glass and millefiori trim.  The piece is lying on one of my mosaic tables (background) which is not a part of this piece.  I sold this at an exhibit in California a few years ago.