A New Article About my Husband

I am happy to promote this new article about my husband, Dr. John Freed, that was just published in the Brandman/Chapman University magazine.  It was written by Cindy O’Dell.  Click on her name to be taken to the original article.  Photo by Stacy Alexander   John Freed finds humor, meaning in history; turns it intoContinue reading “A New Article About my Husband”

Day 2 of 5 – Show My Art Challenge

This is the second day of the “Show My Art” challenge, and I have selected three of my older pieces to show you.  This first piece is called, “Van Gogh’s Eye” and was painted by me to give to my now-deceased friend, William Paul Smith. The second piece is encaustic on burned wood.  I amContinue reading “Day 2 of 5 – Show My Art Challenge”