I am participating in a sharing challenge issued by a group of artists on Facebook wherein I was challenged by Kim Larson to post 3 pictures of my art every day for 5 days.  So….here I go….


This first mosaic is a guitar that I made for recording artist/friend, Amy Corriea, winner of a CMA award and a wonderful, soulful singer.  The guitar resides with Amy in Massachusetts.


This next piece, called, “Martha”, which now hangs in Seattle, Washington, was inspired by the very materials that made her.  My friend, Karyn D. gave me a big box of those tiny little bathroom tiles that most mosaic artists throw out, and some broken chards of china.  This is what I created with it all:


This next piece, called, “Winter” was a large piece that covered one entire wall.  I sold it to a designer in a show in San Francisco a number of years ago and it now hangs in a mansion overlooking the Pacific near Dana’s Point in California.


And these are my three art offerings for the day.   Come back tomorrow for more.