sarah nate anniversary

Ten years ago today, after 5 years of dating, Sarah and Nate walked from Sarah’s grad school interview to the Multnomah County Courthouse and were married.  There was no fanfare.  There were no flowers.  There was no celebration gathering in their honor until they could finally clear room on their calenders 5 years later and invite everyone.  In their quiet and unassuming way, they joined hearts and lives and have lived happily ever after.  Their daughter, Ingrid, is 5 now, and I don’t think I have ever witnessed two better parents in my life.  I feel so honored that they are my family…humbled, in fact.  They have my full admiration and respect.  They are good people and I am very proud of them.

Happy Anniversary, Sarah and Nathan! Much love to you both….and thanks for the awesome grandkid! 🙂