I met Doug Randall of Doug Randall Glass a year ago at a New Year’s Eve dance.  As you can see, he makes magnificent, colorful glass creations.  We were standing around chatting, and I asked him (since I am a mosaic artist) what he did with his offcuts.  “They’re yours!” he said….and so they are.  THIS New Year’s Eve, I was presented with a nice box of colored glass scraps, mainly long, narrow strips.


For a mosaic artist with eclectic tastes, this was mosaic nirvana!  Couple that with some vintage jewelry and other unique pieces and the result is my latest art project:

mosaic guitar in progress

This is a work in progress.  I still need to mosaic the back of it and then grout the whole thing, which will unify all of the tesserae and make it work.  Still trying to decide whether to do several colors of grout or just one, dark shade…maybe Delorian gray or charcoal.  thinking.

The blue stoneware discs on the bottom of the guitar’s body were handmade by my friend, Amber Pierce, of Amber’s Artistry.  Amber is a magnificent artist herself AND she gives classes!  If you love glass and tile….or even if you don’t…check out her wares.  She makes beautiful art and has a beautiful heart.  I am so lucky that she is part of my life.  She has been through a lot over the last year and has been such a straight shooter, in terms of remaining the steadfast artist and generally good person.  I’m so lucky to know her.

guitar neck

The neck of the guitar is chock full of unusual glass.  See that orange striped glass?  I really like that, but there was only a tiny bit of it in my offcuts box.  The 14 carat gold smalti was from Laurel Skye, of Laurel Skye Designs.     Apart from being a fantastic person, Laurel is also a true inspiration.  There are numerous videos of her here and there.  Check them out, because she has converted her entire home into a mosaic wonderland and it’s a lot of fun to see what she’s done.

The rest of the tesserae on the guitar neck is vintage stuff and some dichroic glass and Van Gogh glass that I hand cut.  I have really been enjoying this process!  Have never perfected my mosaic technique because I keep trying new things…but since perfect is not, at all important to me, I’m fine with whatever I get. For me, it’s all about the process.

The New Year has been great for these first two weeks…very mellow and laid back.  Apart from the fact that John had to return to the Bay Area, and the fact that two of my best friends are deeply suffering with personal issues (depression, et al) that I am trying to help them through, everything else has been great!

School is going well.  I am exercising regularly, doing yoga, meditating, making music, making art, cooking good food, spending time with friends and family and really feeling better  about life than I have in years.  Are things perfect?  Of course not…Then again….perfection is not what it’s cracked up to be, so I’m fine.  Ideally, John would be in Portland all the time, but since he can’t be, I am thankful for the time that we do have together.  We really tend to enjoy ourselves together and I am grateful to him for so much.

As I get closer to graduation this summer, I am also beginning to put together a business plan for the new business. If it pans out…great….and if it doesn’t…well, it doesn’t.   I can get a job doing something different.   I am talking to a lot of people, taking related courses, getting good advice, partnering with some dynamic individuals.   It helps that I am doing all of this in one of the best cities in the world.  My enthusiasm for Portland never wanes. I have gained something…friends, experience, et al…everywhere we have lived, and I view each place as an adventure, but I must say.  I love Portland most, and feel that for me at least, it has the most merit of anywhere I have ever lived.

Right now, the sun is out, but it is chili outside.  The Beebs and I are going to walk up to Seawaldcrest Park and back for a little exercise.  Then, I’ll hit the books and take one step closer to fulfilling my school objectives for the week.  Ah…life is good.  I hope you are enjoying yours as well!