Happy New Year


We celebrated long into the night to bring in the New Year.  John and I were guests of our friend, Toni,  and her British boyfriend, Peter, and another Brit, who was also named Peter, at a local Jazz club.  The music was an incredible mix of jazz and classic rock tunes from the 60’s and every subsequent decade to contemporary times.  We had a lovely dinner and danced the night away…..with plenty of cowbell.

( Wait….do you recognize this woman?! 😉 )


The club is called, “Arrivederci” and was a delightful surprise to us.  We do not frequent businesses in the suburb of Milwaukie because we have everything we need in our own neighborhood.  It probably would never have occurred to us to go there, had we not received the kind invitation to join Toni and the two British P’s.  However, we were so pleased that we went… and already have plans to go back.  It is a cozy, tasteful Italian restaurant that schedules world class musicians on a regular basis, really good food and a nice selection of area wines.  The owner, who is a friend of Toni, often stands in with the band and plays a dynamic jazz sax, which he did on New Years, and he sings.

white rabbit

The band was comprised of a compilation of musicians from other bands to create a one-night “New Years Eve” combo.  (That’s what they called themselves.)  They were great!

  We had so much fun!  The conversation (between songs) was lively and we could not have asked for better company.

stacy sings

John and I spent a quiet day at home yesterday, doing as little as possible.  I made some good food, and we noshed throughout the day. He went out for a bit to get us a salad for dinner from St. Honerie Boulangerie,  but I stayed in and laid low.   Had some good talks.  Read.  Watched a little telly together.  Thus far, 2015 has been a good year.  I have highest hopes that it will continue to get better and better!

Oh…and I have to mention one other thing.  Yesterday, on New Year’s Day, our orchid plant bloomed full force.  This had special significance for us (which I won’t go into) but also symbolizes the delicate balance of life and the incredible number of things that we both have to be thankful for at this time.  This flower is a miracle! Isn’t it gorgeous?!


Wishing all of you the very best.