6 Reasons Why My Banana Bread is Better Than Yours

First, I use my grandmother Blackwood’s recipe, and it is simply the best banana bread recipe in the world!  It is also a secret, so you’re out of luck there, but I will tell you how you can make your OWN banana bread recipe taste better by changing 5 of the ingredients. The first thingContinue reading “6 Reasons Why My Banana Bread is Better Than Yours”

Put a Ring on It!

Who doesn’t love onion rings?  I know I love them….but my husband loves them even more, which is why, out of concern for his health, I have been experimenting with BAKED (not fried) onion ring recipes. 8 or 9 fried onion rings can have as many as 276 calories, depending on where you get them. Continue reading “Put a Ring on It!”

Are Flea Control Chemicals Killing Your Dog?

Do you dose your dog for fleas every month?  Most monthly flea products contain pesticides, organophosphates and a wide array of other  toxic ingredients that have been linked with thousands of pet deaths and diseases. In November of the year 2000,  the Nation Resource Defense Council (NRDC) Recommended that EPA ban use of Orthophosphates inContinue reading “Are Flea Control Chemicals Killing Your Dog?”

Some Pithy Verbage – Tell Me Whose Writing Makes YOUR Heart Sing

My friend, novelist Mylené Dressler, author of  The Medusa Tree,  The Wedding of Anna F.  and other books,  posted this (following) wonderful Margaret Atwood quote on her Facebook this morning. The beautiful Mylené was one of my husband, John’s colleagues at the University of St. Thomas in Houston.  I took a literature course from herContinue reading “Some Pithy Verbage – Tell Me Whose Writing Makes YOUR Heart Sing”

Music to My Ears

This morning, I taught myself one of the little tunes that always brings a smile to my face….like…every day, in fact.  I’m not a very good guitarist, but picking up this little tune was easy….and yeah…It DOES make me smile! 🙂 Feeling happy, loved and ready to face another day. This is finals week, andContinue reading “Music to My Ears”