Whydon’tcha Just RIP My Heart Right Out of my Chest?

Love with your mind Love all that you’re seein’ Love all that is real Love all that you know….   Sometimes only country music can speak the language that one needs to hear or convey. There is no other language like it….and yes, I do adore many, many music genres and musicians….from Marilyn Manson toContinue reading “Whydon’tcha Just RIP My Heart Right Out of my Chest?”

Finding New Music

How do you expose yourself to new music?  If you’re like me, you’re always on the prowl for something fresh, new and different to listen to.  I enjoy music from all kinds of genres, from high opera to classic rock…I grew up in old fashioned C&W territory and hated country music the entire time IContinue reading “Finding New Music”