This is Ingrid.  With each passing day, my heart is yet more captivated by her charm .  She spent the night with me last night, and we took a beautiful, long walk together this morning.  It was one of those magical Portland mornings…and the sun was out… rare for December…and we had much to talk about.

She said she would miss me when I die, and I told her:

Ingrid, after I am gone, when you feel the breeze brush against your cheek, that will be me, kissing your cheek and telling you how much I love you.

When you are outside and the wind picks up one of your beautiful locks of red hair, that will be me, smiling and laughing because I am happy to see you.

When you are sad, all you have to do is think of me, and I will wrap my spirit arms around you until you feel ok again. 

When you are happy, I will be right there with you, happy because you’re happy…and sometimes, I might tickle your toes just so I can hear you laugh.

When you miss me, Ingrid, know that I am there.  You can close your eyes and see me.  I will find ways to talk to you.

Ingrid responded:  That‘s good, Gams….because I love you to the moon and back.