Today was the third of three days of perfect calm, days in which I was able to think, to meditate and to re-center myself.  I sought answers and found them.  All I had to do was look.


I found a new yoga home, exactly one block from my house.  I took one class there recently, but over the last three days, I took the time to explore it further and I love everything about it.  I am going to embark upon a serious yoga practice now, one that is long overdue.  I think it is the best thing I can do for myself.  The place is called, “Unfold” and they believe that everyone should do yoga.  I agree.  They are unconditionally welcoming….and that is exactly what I need.  Not only do they have yoga.  They also have meditation and lectures.  I am so happy.  I asked the universe to guide me, and this is where I ended up.

I feel peace.

I feel calm.

I feel right.

Through this discovery, I was able to let go of a troublesome matter, one that bound my head and heart and paralyzed me.  Now, I am free…..and I am happy.