A friend called me today with the claim that he had sneaked away from “the damned crowds and other unpleasant things at Costco…” While I laughed, I also found myself thinking how far away from my reality that whole mad-rush at Costco thing is. I mean, why celebrate holidays if you are going to create and participate in the unpleasant aspects of them? You won’t catch me going to Costco on a good day, let alone the week  before a holiday. Sheesh.

I had a nice, laid back day. After having breakfast with a friend, I avoided the computer, for the most part, and did some baking in preparation for dinner with friends tomorrow. I made two raspberry/cranberry pies. That I call my “Bogalusa Babies”. The first one was a test run, since I had never made this kind of pie before, so I helped myself to the slice above, and I must say, it was tasty…but I made the second one a little sweeter so it would be more of a crowd pleaser.

I also baked one of the honey pies that I wrote about the other day…the kind with the salty hazelnut topping. Yum-o! See those nice big flakes of all-natural sea salt?  They comprise the perfect ying/yang for the sweet honey filling.  This pie is a winner, folks.  The top 1/2″ is crispy/crunchy and the bottom part is smooth and creamy.  The flavors are perfectly blended….honey….hazelnuts….salt….mmmm.mmmm..mmmm!  So good!


I refuse to be harried during the holidays, or even the week before, and things turn out very nicely. Thank you. Today, for instance, I put on some music, poured myself a glass of wine and communed with my kitchen, carefully and methodically preparing the food. It felt wonderful not to be rushed, and I am in an infinitely good mood right now, and not overly tired.

I am ready. Tonight, I’m going out to listen to some jazzzzzzz. I look forward to that as well. Life is good, I tell ya.  I’m happy.  Everything is just as it should be.