Tonight marks the end of my 8-day between-term break.  I should be thankful that I had a break at all, because last year, I didn’t. …but I am still tired.  A few stressful incidents occurred during this break and I didn’t get to rest up as I’d planned….plus, I worked a lot, which I shouldn’t have done.

Rest is difficult for me.  I push myself very hard and feel guilty when I relax.  This has always been a problem.  If not for my daily meditation, I’d scarcely get any rest at all.

This term, I am taking a Women in Leadership course and one about Psychological Testing and Assessment.  I’ve already jumped the gun a bit and have started work on the assignments for the week to come.  Looks as though the material is going to be very interesting, so I look forward to it, but I am still very tired.  I think I needed a couple of weeks of sleep.

I celebrated a birthday yesterday.  My sweet husband wrote a lovely piece of poetic prose for me…about our marriage.  My darling best friend was especially attentive and loving.  I love him so much.   I had many, many calls, emails and lovely Facebook messages, and my daughter and her husband prepared my traditional vegetarian “pulled pork” sandwiches for me for dinner last night, so it was a good birthday.  I enjoyed its being low key, simply due to the exhaustion factor.

The pulled “pork” sandwiches are made with a vegetarian product called Quorn.  I love it.  It is quite delicious and is far better for the body than meat.  Quorn products are made from Mycoprotein,  a nutritionally healthful protein that is  naturally low in saturated fat and high in protein and fiber.  Nathan simmered shredded Quorn in the oven, in a delicious barbecue sauce with lots of peppers and onions and made a delicious red cabbage slaw that he served in the sandwiches themselves, with yummy homemade rolls.   He also made me a gorgeous apple pie with a cheddar cheese crust.  It was the most delicious pie I have ever had in my life!


I played the piano while Ingrid and her cousin, Madeline, sang, and we sat around and talked and had the most pleasant evening I could imagine having.  I hadn’t really felt like celebrating at all, but it turned out so well that I’m glad I went.  So sweet of them to do that for me.

Today, the sun was shining, but it was cold and windy.  Had a very good telephone conversation.  Beebs and I went for a good walk, but I spent the majority of my time finishing up some articles and preparing my discussion questions for my Testing and Assessment class.  Feels good to have a bit of a head start.

I’m going to turn in early tonight.  Still fighting the last remnants of a cold and it has really zapped my energy.  Still…it feels good to be alive, and I am grateful to the universe for giving me this good life.

‘night, all.  xoxo