Update:  I just got my grade for my final Advanced Research project:  96.7!!!  I am stunned…and happy! 🙂


Well, the term is now over.  In the last week, I worked harder than I care to mention.  My fingers feel like jelly, and as though they could drop off my hand at any given moment.  I worked a solid 36 hours, with only the occasional break, to get my last project finished, which I completed 4 hours prior to its deadline last night.

I am an enthusiast of the new, revamped online education.  I feel like I am getting a REAL education, as opposed to the online classes I took a decade ago before the powers that be had tweaked the system to provide education equal to that found in a classroom.  Southern New Hampshire University is the real deal, and I am learning so much….but sometimes, I feel that the professors are out of touch with the adult learner by assigning WAY too much writing in one week….but alas, this, the most difficult term of my educational career, is a thing of the past, and I succeeded and feel proud of myself.

Today, I am deep cleaning my house and plan to have a nice, relaxed evening tonight.  However, first, I want to talk about an endeavor that John and I have been discussing…that is, the prospect of building a container house.


We are looking at some rural property in Washington and Oregon with the idea to build ourselves a weekend retreat place from shipping containers.  This is all the rage here and, I hear, in Southern Texas and in other areas of the country where shipping containers can be had for a song and a prayer. There are so many different styles and sizes, and they are quite affordable.



We love the idea of the sustainability/green aspect of these homes, let alone their affordability.  I want to use it as a retreat location for the business I’ll be starting after I graduate.  Whether or not it will actually come to pass remains to be seen.  Our plates are pretty full at the moment…but it is a fun prospect about which to dream.