I have been on the verge of tears since the weekend, just from the sheer exhaustion of having to knock out my final projects.  It feels like I am chipping away at a mountain with a tack hammer.  Feeling very discouraged simply because I am so overwhelmed and tired.

I signed into one of my classes today, and I received the comment (following this), from my professor. My whole point in posting it is to illustrate that the smallest bit of encouragement….the smallest act of kindness….can go very far in having a positive affect on someone’s life.  We are studying this in one of my cognitive psychology classes.  It really DOES cause changes in the brain.  (Love that brain science!)

Reading this simple comment gave me the energy I needed to get through the next hours, to complete yet another step in the mountain of work that I have to do this week, and although I am not even close to finishing, I feel I’ve made progress.  I feel encouraged.    I just NEEDED someone to say something nice to me….and when it happened, it really did a lot to make me feel better.

Noting my own response to this kindness, I had to stop to express my appreciation and to acknowledge others that go out of their way to be kind toward me throughout this trying ordeal.  I just want everyone to know that I love and appreciate you more than words can say.

My love and thanks go out today, to my son-in-law for his sweet texts to me last night.  Those kind words meant the world to me.  My deepest love and special appreciation goes out to John, an unending source of strength, love and encouragement, someone who makes me proud to be alive. My daughter, my granddaughter…there are simply no words to describe what you do for me…for my heart and head. You are good people, through and through.   My love and further appreciation goes to my Best friend, who never fails…rain or shine…to find some way to get a loving message to me.  Sending that loving energy every day gives me confidence, and propels me forward through the toughest times to attain these goals for a better future,  even in the face of stern adversity.  I love you.  I truly do.  To the lovely Maya, , who is so sweet and loving, offering her assurance and unending encouragement.  My love and gratitude to the endless list of strong women friends that prop me up….Michele, Genie, Nancy, Denise, Toni, Suzanne, Kat, Kat II, SB…and on and on and on.  I am so fortunate that all of you are in my life.  My loving mother, who, in her serious illness, continues to send love and encouragement to me, (and who now is able to call me frequently). (It’s a miracle!!)  It is so wonderful to hear her voice and to know that she is  getting stronger.  Every loving word that she utters makes ME stronger. We have had our ups and downs throughout our lives, but now we are at peace, and that means more to me than just about anything.   My wonderful cousins, J & D, my Auntie….I just can’t say enough about how much all of you are loved and appreciated. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence.  Your support is cherished.  My friends….my family….You’re all I need to get by. I could not do this without you.

When I feel too drained to go through another day of this grueling work, I can count on all of you.  You are always there for me.  You never let me down.  Your little notes, calls, texts and personal visits are what get me through.  Please know how much you are appreciated. I love you all.


My professor’s note….and this might not mean much to those reading this, but it meant a whole lot to me:

Another great discussion, Stacy! Although I love online education, there are times and certain students that cause me to wish we were in a traditional classroom. You are one I would love to be able to interact with in person (please take that as a compliment, as it is intended). I love how your brilliant mind works! Your points break down as follows:

Comprehension (20/20) –  Very nice initial post.

Timeliness (10/10)

Engagement  (20/20) – Nice responses to Graham and to Deanne (as well as to Bob in my thread).

Critical Thinking (30/30) – Great use of evidence and examples; citing the source you did in your response to Graham /perfect!

Writing (19/20) – Small errors; nothing major.

Total Percentage – 99%

Great job!

So….with this “fuel” and much gratitude in my heart….back to work I go.