Inasmuch as I had a lovely time in San Francisco a few days ago, going was probably not the wisest of decisions with all the school work I had on my plate in this past week…but alas, I did go…and I had a lovely time…but man.  The grueling work that slapped me in the face when I got back was not fun.  I did manage to finish, albeit I could not solve one of my stat problems, to save my life…but all-in-all, I think I did well.  I am seriously sleep deprived, and do not even want to walk by my computer, let alone stop and type, as I’m doing now.  ugh.  So. Tired.


So this week is the final week of the term.  Throughout, we have had to work on milestones that we will put together into final projects this week.  Mine are in good shape.  I just need to do some tweaking (as opposed to twerking) here and there.  Graduate school is the most labor intensive endeavor I have ever undertaken (with the exception of raising my children).

My daughter is sick right now, so she dropped Ingrid off with me for a Saturday night sleepover.  It was good that I was forced to take a little break, as by that time, I had worked so hard that I honestly felt like my brain was melting.  Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, John was able to enjoy Ingrid’s visit via Facetime.  It was great for the three of us to be “together” with his face up on my big computer screen as she entertained us with song and dance.

ingrid singing

We gave the puppy a bath, made a snack tray and watched Rachael Ray (the child is a ‘foodie’ and cooking fanatic who is actually quite talented in the kitchen)…and we played dress up with the box of costumes that my Auntie G. sent.  We had a delightful time, and she reported to her mom that “This was the best sleepover EVER!”

ingrid scarf

We got up early yesterday and went for a puppy walk.  When we got back, I cooked oatmeal and sprinkled fresh berries on top.  She loved that…and she also wanted some of my homemade applesauce.  She is a Johnny Cash fan, and in the midst of eating the applesauce, broke into her own version of “Jackson”…..“We got married in a fever…started by some applesauce….”  The kid cracks me up.

ingrid twirl

So…today is another day.  I met two friends for breakfast at Lauretta Jeans, walked the Beebs…and am now going to sign in to my classwork and start knocking out those projects.  As soon as I’m finished, I will have a break until the17th.  YAY!!!