I really have to hand it to my husband. When the man invites me to a romantic night out, it IS romantic!  Wow!  What a lovely time we had last night!  Everything was just beautiful.  The food, the guests, the music. Such interesting conversation…so much fun, but I was also concerned about a sick friend and found it hard to enjoy myself at times.

I ended up selecting a vintage theater mask because it was smaller than the big feathered thing I was going to wear.  Kind of funky, but it went well with my dress.  There were some of the most elegant costumes I’d ever laid eyes on!  People really went all out for the occasion.

I just wish I could dance as well as John!  He is amazing on the dance floor.  Always has been.  He attributes this to the fact that his mother made him take ballroom dancing when he was a kid.  I think he just has a natural flair for it.  He swept me off my feet.


The night could not have been lovelier, and it was wonderful to spend time together, albeit only a brief encounter.  I ended up staying the night, and got back a short while ago. Frankly, I’m just too tired to write much except to say that we had a lot of fun, and it was great to be away from computers for 24 hours, but now, I am faced with that reality again…one more paper to write, and a nonparametric data analysis to conduct before tonight when I shall take wee Ingrid trick or treating and then make appearances at two parties.


I could go to bed right now and sleep through until tomorrow, but isn’t that the story of my life?  Always overdoing it.  sigh….One more week of this term and then I can actually get caught up on my rest a little bit.  Then…back to work again.


Saying goodbye is always hard.


Have a happy and safe Halloween, my friends!