As I sit here typing this, I cannot believe I did everything that I did today…but somehow, I got it all done.  I had to cram two days worth of work into one day, because tomorrow, I’ll be flying to San Francisco to join my husband, some of his professional colleagues and some music and theatre friends for a charter dinner cruise in the San Francisco Bay.   It is going to be catered by a really good restaurant.  This will  be a formal Halloween dance with a band that I absolutely adore, and I can hardly wait. Rumor has it that a couple of celebrities are going to be on board, too…but I am sworn to secrecy.  🙂

Meanwhile, today, I made cinnamon applesauce to take to John from three different kinds of apples.  I used the over abundance of organic apples that have been delivered to me this week and i still have some left over.  I also made a plethora of small vegetable pies that I shall take for him to freeze.  He loves my cooking and says he misses it…so this is my gift to him for the treat he is giving me with what sounds like it will be a lovely party.

veggie pies

Unfortunately, I will have to fly right back out on the last flight home…or the first flight the next morning….because I have a party to attend here in my Portland neighborhood, and another one down at the studio…..and of course, there’s Ingrid and our traditional Halloween crusade that will actually only take a few minutes, as we greet our neighbors and do a little early trick-or-treating before she heads off to be with friends.

I couldn’t get a seat on the last flight home, but I am on standby for one leaving from Oakland.  Wish me luck! I do have an early, early reservation for the next morning from SF, which I hope I will not have to take.  I really do need to get right back or I won’t get everything done.

I have missed my sweet husband and really look forward to seeing him.  He looks handsome in a tux, too, so I look forward to that as well.  I am wearing a pretty Dolce and Gabbana gown and a big, feathery mask that one of the theater people is providing.  I chose this gown, which is really quite full with the undergarment on, because I expect it to be rather nippy on the boat.  The color is much nicer than the photo shows.  It has gold thread in it so that it really shimmers in the light.  Very pretty dress in person.  I am going to wear my hair up.  We’ll see how all that goes…  The main thing is that I get to be with John for a beautiful evening.



Tonight I have to finish a paper that I started today, do my research discussion paper and begin two other papers that I will have to complete before Sunday night.   If you’re starting to celebrate Halloween…have fun!  I know I’m going to!  Can she do it????

Of course, she can!