Last night, I mentioned to my friend that I walk Beatrix at least three times a day, rain or shine.  He informed me that in a rainy climate like ours here in Portland, that might not be such a great idea, because chihuahuas’ ears are especially sensitive to the rain.  Ya learn something new every day!

Well, I fixed that!

I created a little haute hoodie for her out of an old sock….and I must say, she DOES look smashing!  Don’t you agree?  This will look riveting with the sweater arm coat that I made for her! Very chic! 🙂

beebs haute

After I snapped the above-photo, I made some adjustments to the garment and made is less snug around her neck.  Then, we went out into the rain to try it out.  She HATED it…tugging and pulling and shaking her head….so I just took it off of her.  When we got back, I phoned Beatrix’s vet and asked her about the whole chihuahua wet ears thing.  “Ridiculous,” she said, “Chihuahuas thrive in wet weather. They also love to swim.”  Oh, well….c’est la vie.  🙂